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Concealed Carry: It’s Law, Now What? Wisconsin Safety And …
Concealed Carry: It’s Law, Now What? Are we in Compliance? Wisconsin Safety and Health Conference and Exposition April 17, – Complete required/approved firearms training. —–Legal Issues: Criminal Law • Regulates who can get a license

WI Concealed Carry Class
Handgun Safety and Wisconsin CCW Law Safely loading and unloading a firearm Critical Self-Defense and Deadly Force Issues WI Concealed Carry Class with LIVE-FIRE Training When: Sunday, July 15th, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Maximum of 12 Students

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2011 Wisconsin Act 35; Concealed Carry Law, Wisconsin Self-defense laws, and other pertinent laws and licensing information training and tactics Range, firing line safety rules and etiquette (given when you book the range portion of the course)

The LEOSA/H.R. 218 Process In Wisconsin
carry a concealed handgun under Wisconsin statutes and the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA), commonly referred to as “HR218.” Obtain proof of training. Proof of law enforcement firearms training satisfies this requirement.

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Exclusively to advancing the rights of law-abiding Wisconsin Citizens to carry in the manner of their choosing without permits, fees, and other infringements – “Constitutional Carry”. concealed carry license “proof of training” mandate.

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Wisconsin Concealed Carry Law: (Presented by WEDC and WHEDA) As it relates to businesses This excerpt was Often it’s the training budget that’s first to go when the going gets tough. But smart businesses know that investing in front-line

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Military, law enforcement, or security training that gave the individual experience with firearms that is substantially equivalent “Wisconsin’s Concealed Carry Law: Protecting Persons and Property.” Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine, July, 2012

The Facts About Concealed Carry For Wisconsin
The Facts About Concealed Carry for Wisconsin Michael Bender, 2010 Law Enforcement Officer Firearms Training (Wisconsin Department of Justice) Certified Permit to Carry a Pistol Instructor (Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification)

Compliance with the new Concealed Carry Law for all AGC of Wisconsin members. Back Ground The basics of the law are very simple – individuals who obtain a permit and go through training will be able to carry concealed weapons in most public buildings unless a

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And training requirements. Employer Prohibitions lone state without a concealed carry law). In doing so, Wisconsin joins a growing list of states with “parking lot laws,” which allow employees to bring guns to work and leave them in their

Concealed Firearms Carry Certification Vs. Real Training
Concealed Firearms Carry Certification vs. Real Training – Which do you want??? designated as a Master Instructor in Firearms by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. He is currently the senior firearms instructor at

Concealed Carry Weapon Training – Blackhawk Technical College
CONCEALED CARRY WEAPON TRAINING . Presented by NRA Certified Firearms Instructors& BTC Police Recruit Firearms Instructors . For those persons interested in obtaining a concealed carry permit from the state of Wisconsin, Blackhawk (This training is not mandatory under the CCW law.)

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Thirty-five states in the U.S. have already adopted a version of the concealed carry law that was proposed in Wisconsin. • there is no evidence that the proposed concealed weapon training requirements in Wisconsin were inade-quate;