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Law Clerk Program
Assistant Attorney General Alaska Department of Law 1031 W. 4th Avenue Suite 200 As a law clerk, you may do legal research, writing, criminal law are handled by prosecutors . state prison system, and the parole board.

Chief Assistant District Attorney
CHIEF ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS : This is professional legal work of a complex nature involving responsibility for Thorough knowledge of criminal law and court procedures; good knowledge of law office administration;

County Of Anoka
The Anoka County Attorney’s Office has an immediate opening for a Legal Assistant in the Family Law Division to assist Must successfully complete criminal record check. Anoka County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Profession. For example, since men are often paid more than women for doing the same jobs, salaries may begin Criminal Law Investigation and Discovery Seminars TBA Internship I, Department of Legal Assistant Education OU LAW CENTER at Andrew M. Coats Hall. Title: 31969 Sooner Docket.qxp

Legal Assistants: A Team Approach To Indigent Defense
Jim decided to combine the two positions by creating the role of the Legal Assistant. She then realized that her interest was in criminal law and helping such as: getting clients out of custody so that they can keep their jobs, maintaining family ties, or getting a client a pair

Competition for paralegal/legal assistant jobs will continue as many more people seek entry into this field. Therefore, experienced, formally trained paralegals have the best employment opportunities. LGS 215 840 Criminal Law

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While the majority of law school graduates go immediately into traditional legal jobsjobs with Assistant to the President/Chancellor Undergraduate Business Law Professor Undergraduate Criminal Justice Program Instructor Undergraduate Environmental Policy

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The number of jobs for lawyers, Fundamentals of Criminal Law or Legal Aspects of Young Adults or Career Preparation* 12th Core Courses: English IV Precalculus Environmental Systems Government Internship Law Office Legal Assistant