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assistant for each manager. Today, one legal assistant typically supports three to four lawyers, and Steelcase researchers found Median salary (2006) for paralegals and legal assistants: $43,000 Computers play less of a starring role in

Legal Assistant Today, May-June 2002 The Legal Assistants Division of the State Bar LEGAL ASSISTANTS IN TEXAS Salary, Beneļ¬ts & Billing. PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID HOUSTON TX Permit No 12724 RegisterCall for reservations 713-529-2778 CENTER FOR

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Today's market and the increased client sophistication when selecting legal services, are making it necessary to carefully Following is a sample calculation based on a solo practitioner with a monthly salary of $8000 and an assistant’s monthly salary of $2500.

Perspective On The Paralegal Profession
1993 Survey in Legal Assistant Today stated that 51.7% o respondents had a bachelors degree. 4. Employment Opportunities average paralegal salary was $20,500 in the public sector and $27,700 for those employed by the federal government.

Legal Services Industry
Lawyers, as recognized today, a career as a paralegal or legal assistant may be explored. Increasingly, law graduates are taking jobs outside the legal industry, Source: 2003 Salary Survey, National Association of Legal Professionals 6

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Phenomena that today have us all doing mental cartwheels as to how best to fit in Job: Legal Assistant or Paralegal Median salary: $46,810. Two-year degrees and certificate programs can give job-hunters an edge – 07/02/2012 | M

New York Law School
New York Law School is an independent law school located in the heart of Manhattan’s legal, government and Assistant Dean for Graduate and Continuing Legal Education Develops and administers LLM, resume and salary history along with a completed job

Paralegal Salary And Education Requirements
Paralegal Salary and Education Requirements Today there are only a quarter of bachelor’s and associate degree programs that are ABA approved. A paralegal is also known as a legal assistant and works by assisting lawyers prepare their cases for court

Colorado Attorney General’s Office
Most state agencies represented by Assistant Solicitors Agencies purchase legal services from the AGO at hourly rates. Attorney General John D. MacFarlane, 1974 -82: Today’s Attorney General’s Office

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The Medical Technical Assistant (P) is very competitive in today’s medical field. The monthly salary for a full time Additional salary bonus monthly Possession of the legal requirements to practice as a professional Registered Nurse in

Commissioners Hire New County Attorney
His annual salary will be $164,000. who was the county’s chief legal counsel for 10 years. Moorefield has been with Sampson County since May 2007 as the county attorney. legal assistant, two paralegals and one office support personnel.