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Agency lawyers have the opportunity to do significant work very early in their careers The executive bureaucracy of the federal government is enormous and legal advice to the President,

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Throughout the Federal government like the: U.S. Department of Justice Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and hiring experiences, as well as how they started their legal careers and eventually began working with the federal government.

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Application Process: Some federal positions require that an applicant form be submitted along with a resume and main page of the DOJ Legal Careers website at The actual document is at

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Attorney Jobs also includes JD Preferred – Alternative Legal Careers for The Federal Government’s Office of Personnel Management announces all of its jobs across the country on this newly revamped site. This site allows to you search for government

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Governmentfederal 5% Government – state or local 11% Legal services or public defender 3% Public interest 1% Nonprofit or Non-traditional legal careers are fields in which a law degree is not required, but is a considerable asset.

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GENERAL LEGAL AND KINDRED ADMINISTRATION SERIES Sample areas: Law Clerk, Attorney, Paralegal Specialist, w: Federal Government Jobs INFORMATION AND ARTS GROUP Sample areas: Interior Design, Exhibits Specialist, Museum Curator,

2004-2005 Federal Legal Employment Opportunities Guide
Legal Employment in the Federal Government This is a guide to legal careers in over 80 federal practice fields, including descriptions of agencies, locations and information on how to apply. Call or write to: Federal Reports,

2008-2009 Federal Legal Employment Opportunities Guide
The 2008-2009 NALP Federal Legal Employment Opportunities Guide is the product of a collaborative effort among NALP, The Partnership for Public Service, a nonpartisan, nonprofit including government careers. Additionally, federal

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Significant responsibilities and hand-on experience extremely early in their careers. To find out how to take advantage of these excellent opportunities, read on! 1. NETWORK. Summary Analysis of Legal Positions in the Federal Government

Selected Legal Employment Websites (Jobs in Federal Government) (In-house Corporate Counsel Listings) Nontraditional Careers Report (Alternative Legal Careers) Contact the Career Services Office for username and password access. Author: Alta Levat

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Congressional Yellow Book Careers for Legal Eagles & Other Law and Order Types – includes vital information on finding and getting a job as well as competing in the job market. (Available online

State and federal judicial systems corporate legal departments, government agencies, banks, real estate and insurance companies, and nonprofit organizations. Legal Careers School-to-Career Pathway . Title: VIDEO PRODUCTION

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Federal Government Most positions in the federal government are available in Washington, D.C. Students who The armed services recruit attorneys each year for a variety of legal careers, both with the services and as civilian counsel. Each branch has a Judge Advocate General (JAG) to