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Money Smarts, Multimedia, Legal Studies, Sports upon the Alberta Program of Studies including: Canadian History, Art, Band, Music and Drama, as well as Canadian Military Studies, Drill, French, and junior high Outdoor Education . 7 .

Legal Pluralism In Latin America
Indian Legal Program, Sandra Day O’Connor Law School, Arizona State University Nigel Bankes, Nigel blogs on developments in Alberta law Alberta at http:// . Indian Studies Program, Faculty Fellow, Center for Law and Global Affairs Professor Rebecca Tsosie,

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program name, the program fee and the authorizing signature. If paying by cheque, to comply with the University regulations as stated in the University of Alberta Calendar . SIGNATURE DATE LEGAL LAST NAME LEGAL FIRST NAME & MIDDLE NAME(S) (No Initials) DATE OF BIRTH (YYYY-MM-DD) Female GENDER:

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Animal studies Kathy Sulik, Jonathan Rudin, Program Director, Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto; Chair, ty Legal Centre; Alberta Law Line; Legal Services Centre, and Student Legal Services. Throughout Ms. Collins’

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Graduate Student Professional Development Program 15 The Canadian Studies Center, Affiliated Graduate (US). Significant resources are dedicated to criminal legal responses neighbors including Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana; Alberta’s ties with Alaska and Montana

Legal Studies, and International Baccalaureate programs. Social Studies Highlights of Grade Level The focus of the Alberta Program of Studies for Social Studies grade 7, General Outcome 7.2 is Following Confederation: The Canadian Expansion.

Christian Trevor Andersen, Ph.D Faculty Of Native Studies
Christian Trevor Andersen, Ph.D Faculty of Native Studies 5-182 Education North University of Alberta Edmonton, AB, Canada T6G 2G5 Phone: (780) 492 4814

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The University of Alberta In its 101 year history, options within their degree program. BA Degrees Offered BA (General) Most students will enter legal studies, crime analysis, or criminal justice fields, Criminology is a highly