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C A R L A L B E R T S T A T E C O L L E G E [2009 – 2010] Pre-Law Criminal Justice Program Code (030) Associate of Arts Required: 63-68 Credit Hours

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With the law degree. As a pre-law student, you should plan a course of study that will give . you a broad cultural background, develop the ability to think critically, tion program including student teaching, (3) CBEST test, (4) teaching

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Aw schools in the United States require a bachelor’s degree by the starting date of law study. They neither prescribe a particular course of undergraduate study nor favor applicants who have graduated from a formal pre-law program.

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Pre-Law at Rutgers–Newark ith its nationally ranked law school, state-of-the-art center for law and criminal degree program offered by Rutgers’ Newark College of Arts and Sciences and Rutgers’ School of Law–Newark. Once in the program, you will

Pre-Law Undergraduate Studies – University Of Kentucky
Pre-Law Pre-Law While a broad, liberal arts education is generally considered to be There is no specified undergraduate degree program required for entry into law school. Students are advised to choose the major that is the best fit in terms of personal interests, strengths and alterna-

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Pre-Law The study of law is a three-year post-baccalaureate program designed primarily for those who wish to become practicing attorneys. requirements of a degree program. Students considering law might explore the profession of law

Pre-Law Criminal Justice Program Code (030) Associate Of Arts …
Revised 2/2013 Pre-Law Criminal Justice Program Code (030) Associate of Arts Required: 63-68 Credit Hours Division of Social & Behavioral Science 2.00 GPA

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Pre-Law Program Preparing Students for Admission to Law School CSSME’s Pre-Law Program is designed to prepare students, from across the College and The Most of UT’s law-related classes are taught by faculty that hold the juris doctor/law degree (in

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pre-law program Law as a Career Lawyers are often called upon to fill many varied and complex roles. At various times they function as advocates, social planners and mediators. Because society turns most frequently to the legal profession when it looks for a

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PRE-LAW . American Bar Association (ABA) approved law schools require a bachelor’s degree and completion of the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) politics and law (PPL) major. The program allows students to select from a range of courses in nine areas,