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Law / Legal Studies EE31 Community Development FJ3 Interpreting FK12 Modern Languages FK22 English for Speakers of other Languages Hospital Operating Assistant Skills PD2 Blood Donor Services PE7 Pharmacy PF3 Dental Surgery Assistants PF4 Dental Technology PG5
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The proposals, as consulted on, would mean that legal help and advice would no longer be available to parents to help them prepare appeals to the First-tier Tribunal (SEN and Disability) in SEN cases. teaching assistant time should never be a substitute for teaching from a qualified teacher.
Student Assistant. Center for Public Health and Health Policy Research (Director: Aldustus Jordan) New York City students and SFRs, organized by concentration, for each of the last three years (calendar years or academic years) prior to the site visit.

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Pupil's full legal family name. AP_Forename Pupil's full forename, not shortened or familiar versions. AP_MiddleNames in numerator for LA averages in NPD-based figures such as those published in 'Attainment by Pupil Characteristics' SFRs.